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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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Rory's First Kiss

"I also like The Gilmore Girls, what of it?"

'Like' The Gilmore Girls? 'Like?! Don't you think you're underselling, just a bit?

Also, how is Clive Owen in CHILDREN OF MEN a tough guy? Was it the flip-flops?


In regards to the tough guy admiration.
I'm a Vin Diesel drooler. There may be others out there that turn everyone else on but... there is truly somehting about the man that rocks my dream world. Not to mention my big screen world. I can't get enough of him.
Ok... yeah, I've heard alot of boo's but truthfully, I have heard more agree with me than disagree. I just don't care. The man gets to me!
I have to admit... I'm not one for the bulky muscled guys that can't put their arms down. Or the ones that can crush a car in between their thighs.
I am, however partial to the clean shaven head.... now that's just yummy.
Besides the outer layer of a man... he HAS to have imagination. A heart for fantasy and the commitment to hold stead fast to his goals.
Yeah, normally I'd say give me brain over brawn any day but with Vin Diesel... I can have it all!


Clive Owen is a tough guy because he's not some adrenaline-hopped thrill seeking nut job. He's a real guy and he had something he had to do, and he did it no matter how hard it got. Much more admirable than blowing stuff up and trying to look cool. Also, more like a real person rather than a cartoon. And no, I don't "like" the Gilmore Girls, you bastard!

Jolissa, did you just say that with V.D. you have brawn AND brains?! I think he only has brains when he's scripted to. I could be wrong however, as I've never met the man. I tend to judge an actor's intelligence by the movies they choose to make... it may not be accurate %100, but it's as deep as I care to look into the matter usually.

Miss Luongo

Thanks for pimping my book!

I mostly think all actors are either stupid or outrageously egotistical because they were foolish enough to think they could make it as actors.

Jolissa's wish list...not bulky muscled, clean shaven head, imagination, a heart for fantasy, and the commitment to hold steadfast to goals? That sounds like you, Michael.

P. Keeper

Hello, Messiestobjects!

Based on your admiration for Clive Owen's steadfastness, we feel you are an excellent candidate for our organization! Stop by our website and take a look at what we have to offer you!

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Promise Keepers


Nice try, RFK.

Alright already, Miss Luongo... do I gotta slap you up?


CNN shark attack story.

there. no more doubt from you.

It is true that Wikipedia is oddly silent on the subject of the great main street shootout of '77. Perhaps consult the monroe co. historical society? I think they have one of the Colt Peacemakers stored in a shoebox with some pieces of shale that may or may not be real indian arrowheads.


Hey! So China is letting you out to play again, huh? Cool!

Good timing, too... my Aunt Peggy, who lives in Florida, just emailed me that very same link. And I followed it to an even more detailed account, here. Cool beans.

I'll ask Main Street Mike about The great main street shootout of '77... I'm sure he must have been around for that.

Main Street Mike

'cept for, of course, I'm dead.



Maybe Main Street Ted?

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