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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


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Miss Luongo

In the alternate reality where there are Williams' Grocery Stores all up and down the Cape, can Al Gore be finishing his 8-year run as president and my book (on the bestseller list since 2006) be coming to theaters near you this summer?


I have similar memories of the Cape, though mine are probably fuzzier than yours. I vaguely remember the Mayflower and Plymouth rock, both of which underwhelmed me after seeing them. Perhaps I would have greater appreciation for them now.

I also remember that whale watching trip of old, though my memory focuses more on how much the boat was a-rockin' than the whales.

I also recall seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater with Granddad one weekend, and a Red Sox game with him and my dad. And I have a fuzzy Christmas memory of you having some cool flying toy that I was insanely jealous of. Good times.

Thanks for the pics to jog those few memories I have of my visits with family on the cape.


@ Miss Luongo: Oh, your book will be coming to a theater near you in this reality. As far as Al Gore goes, he is definitely finishing up his 2nd term in the reality where I inherited a chain of grocery stores. And gas is only $1.50 a gallon and Baghdad is NYTimes' top pick tourist destination for the coming Winter.

@ Cousin Keith: I wasn't sure if you guys were old enough to remember those halcyon days... Return of the Jedi, huh? Crazy. I was in 6th grade when that came out I think? That was '83, so damn, 25 years ago. I'm old. How long since Grandpa and Grandma moved to Cincinnati?


Oh, I don't remember the flying toy. I bet it was wicked awesome, though.


I also remember the whale watching trip - I think I got sick. But I would so love to go again now! I'll have to do that one of these years... I wish I was able to travel as much as you are.

I also have memories of that nice old lady across the street from our grandparents, what was her name? She always gave us these cheap toys that we loved (windmills I remember). And I remember playing croquet in the yard, and your Mom throwing me in the ocean (which totally freaked me out) to help me learn to swim.


Ha! Yeah, Mom was scary like that.

Mrs. Higgins! Many a fond memory of going over there hoping to get windmills. Ah, so easy for the old to make the young love them. I would have gotten a picture of her house to send you, except that there were two houses right next to each other that looked pretty much exactly the same, and I couldn't remember which one was hers.

The croquet with Grandpa was awesome, one of my favorite things to do there. He sure was fun.


Hey Mike! Yeah, my memories are pretty much nonexistent of times spent on the Cape, but I definitely remember the lake beach. The cape is one of those places that I would LOVE to travel back to...maybe one of these years. :) LOVED the whale video, BTW. It's been soooo long since I was on a whale watch. It must be great to be able to do so much traveling...are you going to Grandmother's 90th b-day party? It's been forever since I've seen you!


IIRC, they moved to Cincy in 1984. I would have been only 5 when I went to the movies with Granddad, and that was probably my last trip to the Cape.

I've got a business trip to Boston this fall--I should probably try to get over to the Cape then. Probably too cold for the beach in the middle of November, though.


nice shirt.


Hey Sarah, nice to see you! I don't know about Grandmother's yet... I find out about two weeks ahead of time when and where I'm getting sent for work. I'd like to go though... sounds like it's gonna be a bash for the ages... ;)

Keith, you should definitely hit the Cape. The Cape rules. Go to Provincetown... they have the best Teddy Bear cookies there. :) But seriously though, as far as Roots go, it's the best we're going to do as Williams'. We're descendants of Portuguese Pirates and Horsetheives who changed their names in order to obscure their sordid past, leaving us in the dark about our true legacy, after all.

Dankeschone, Gary! Mein T-Shirt ist hohe Art und moden!

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