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Saturday, June 07, 2008


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Matthew Bennell

Sounds to me like somebody just needs a nap. A nice, long nap...

Nancy Bellicec



Bet Walmart is a real hoot there.

Glad you made it back unscathed.


Thanks... I didn't go into Wal-Mart. Too scary. Besides, Wal-Mart, like Virginia, is a made up place, only in this instance I choose to believe that it doesn't exist.

Gaseous Clay

Nice work, using Invasion of the Body Snatchers as a point of reference. I used to say that about Bad Aibling. So, in a sense BA is a small scale VA.

You're correct, it's not limited to Virginia. Having made my way from the East and West coasts of the US on too many occasions by interstate, I can confirm this. The U Haul experiences were terrifying at times, but the Greyhound trips were downright hellish. You stop in every Buweiser pisshole, some of which probably aren't listed on maps. If they are, they shouldn't be.

I have thought about moving to some small town in the middle of nowhere, especially now that we have the internet. I wondered what a presence like mine would do to the community, or what the community would do to me. I kind of relate it to A History of Violence, the Cronenberg film. Though that does not begin to touch it accurately. We did manage to blend in well enough in Chiemsee (the EU equivalent?), so, my thoughts may be well out of line.

Sorry to hear you had to work 10 hours straight. Perhaps you know what my work-life is like now. I do that 5 days a week, sometimes 6. This last Friday I worked from 05:30 to 11:30 on Saturday. So, buck up, chum, you don't have it all that bad. I'm also working 7 days back to back. The grass is always greener, ... Lately, I don't feel as though I even have a lawn.


You are what you is
You is what you am
A cow don't make ham
(And it never will)
You ain't what you're not
(Unless SCIENCE do somethin' 'bout it!)
So see what you got!
(I KNOW dey woikin' on it)
You are what you is
(Underneath VIRGINIA!)
An' that's all it 'tis!

Miss Luongo

Do pod people post podcasts? If not, who the hell are those people?


Gaseous, you'd fit in like a machine screw in a blender.

Gary! What you been up to? Stuck on Zappa again, huh? I think perhaps it's time you ditched him and found your inner Cat Stevens.

Yes, those pods are cast by people who want to spread their junk around the globe. I like it, Miss Luongo. The Podcast People!!, a remake for the naughties.

linus r.

I guess the lackluster Virginia is nothing like the romantic Virginia that the pacific coast idealise about.... how about a "cyberpunk" Virgina??.... Hey!! you mentioned Heinlein a while back... boy!! look what I discovered: Paul Kanter from Jefferson Airplane loosely based the first 1970 Starship record "Blows Against the Empire" on a Heinlein novel!! see link:


Well, I'm sure there are parts of VA that are nice; I just haven't been there yet. I was in a War Profiteer town, after all. Makes sense that they're the first pod people.

I actually have no idea what the difference between the Jefferson's are. I see that it's a disgruntled band member thing, but I don't even know what they sound like, anyway. Damn dirty hippie music.

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