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Thursday, July 03, 2008


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Miss Luongo

My mock-stocks are all down but the Pharmas, chocolate, and Kraft. I even lost on cigarettes. I thought smokers were addicted to those things. Bunch of quitters.


Yeah, that whole quitting smoking thing is a trend I started back in aught 5. Now everybody's doing it.


hey Mike - thanks for participating in a system that's destroying everything good in the world. Next thing you'll tell us is you're getting a job at and ad agency or a PR firm.

good luck with that.


Oh right, you hate the stock market. I forget why though... what's your beef with it again? Don't worry, I can be convinced. I'm not too happy with it at the moment either, although for purely selfish reasons.

My biggest thing right now that's freaking me out that's destroying everything good in the world is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch... but there's something new every week to be depressed about, so lay it on me.



btw - I'm just messing with you. Everyone needs to do what they can to make some money for their future. I'll probably be a homeless person at some point. ;)


Well it seems from what they're saying in that video that really the Stock Market is just an extension of the real problem, which is the fact that Corporations are legally human. Probably if it weren't for that, the stock market would be a very different animal. So in a sense, the stock market is a victim. Poor, misunderstood stock market!

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