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Saturday, July 26, 2008


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Harry Knowles

You're about 3 hours from Austin, right?



Yeah, and I really want to go to Austin too. Actually it's about a 4 hour drive from here, so I'm told. But unfortunately this isn't one of those jobs where I can go gallivanting around like I usually do... I have to be close to the hotel at all times on this one in case the students need anything. Sometime my job really gets in the way, lemme tell ya.

That Waco thing was a fluke... I actually had a work-related reason to go there, but the details are dull and unnecessary.


I think my greatest interest in seeking Dark Night is to witness the vast difference between Ledger and Nicholson.

Except that I'm not a big Batman fan. I have good Bat Ears and strategically place "holy" in front of a lot of my words, but it ends there for me.


I didn't mean to say, "seeking." In fact, I didn't mean to say of that.

Pretend I'm not here.


Hmmm Sissy... Freudian slip? Perhaps you truly are seeking the long Dark Night (of the soul), and your desire to see The Dark Knight is a way to chase that dragon.

Hee hee.

But seriously, nice to see you again. Where you been hiding? And, Heath Ledger kicks Jack Nicholson's no-talent hack ass. Well ok, it's not that Jack is untalented. He's done some great things in his time. But he suffers from that thing that happens to old Hollywood standbys... they get overconfident in their awesomeness and become boring, standard, same-character-in-everything-they-do actors. An example of an actor who is old but that this has not happened to is Gary Oldman. Seriously, bet people forgot that Commissioner Gordon was also Sirius Black and Sid Vicious. And that weird plastic-head badguy in The Fifth Element. And one of Hamlet's versions of Bill & Ted; Rosencrantz. Or Guildenstern. Still got a lot of versatility, that guy. Very unlike Jack.

Miss Luongo

I think some actors are just waiting for celebrity status so they can hang it up and focus on doing lots of drugs and having sex, which was the real reason they got into the business.


Very good point. I totally agree. If your goal is to be a great actor and you've got the talent, you can be a great actor by constantly trying to do something new. Like Alec Guiness, John Gielgud or Gary Oldman. If your goal is to be famous, you tend to hang up the skills in favor of the party, rest on your laurels, and be the same guy over and over again. Which is easy in Hollywood because Americans seem to like the same sorts of movies over and over again.


"I think some actors are just waiting for celebrity status so they can hang it up and focus on doing lots of drugs and having sex..."

Is there any other reason?

Julie, you hit the head on the nail. There are two Hollywood species.

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