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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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Dude, awesome post and pics. One of my best friends who has had serious health issues since we were kids, moved to Vegas in 1997 and I visit twice a year for between a week to as long as 6 months once.

I'm a recovering gambler and actually do a great job enjoying Vegas without gambling.

Just wanted to stop by your blog and say hi :)



Hi Joe! Quit trolling my blog. ;)

A recovering gambler in the stock market, huh? That sounds like a good methadone... cool though. At least the stock market has trends you can follow and involves research. Gives it an edge over simple casino haunting.

I tend to sneer at gambling, but the truth is that I'm too scared a person to just toss my money up and hope some of it lands. I was attracted to the stocks because it has an air of well, informed gambling. Like an edge. I had a system for playing roulette once. It was completely internal, couldn't explain it rationally to anyone, but it totally worked. Until, you know, it didn't.

Miss Luongo

As far as gambling strategies go, your best odds are with craps then blackjack and baccarat. But who wants to play baccarat? Roulette, esp. with the 00, has very bad odds. But not worse than keno. Never play keno. Those odds are worse than they are for that Born Again sign-holder.

Nice pictures of the Chihuly. He doesn't blow his own glass anymore. He lost an eye in the 70s.

Sandy Duncan

"Nice pictures of the Chihuly. He doesn't blow his own glass anymore. He lost an eye in the 70s."

Didn't we all? Good times...


I don't know this Sandy Duncan. Did you lose an eye?

I think the best gambling strategy in the world is to remember the maxim: The House ALWAYS wins. And then don't gamble.


I've been to A.C. (that what they call it in Jersey) a few times and it's awful too. I actually stayed at the Trump Taj Mahal and while I was there I imagined that I had died and was sent to one of the levels of Hell. It's not the level for murderes and rapists, just for all the people who have commited the sin of wasting their lives. So thanks for going to Vegas so I don't have to. I really feel like I'm not missing anything. I don't like gambling either. I want to actually get something when I throw my money away. They haven't come up with a game that's fun enough for me to not feel sick when I lose money on it.


Oh but Hoover dam looks really cool. I've always wanted to see that - for about 5 minutes. Same as Niagra Falls. I saw that and it was good for about an hour tops. Yep, lots of water. It never stops! I saw a good thing on PBS or some channel about Hoover dam. Pretty amazing that they were able to do that. One of the amazing things I didn't know was that concrete gets hot when it cures. From wikipedia:

The first concrete was placed into the dam on June 6, 1933. Since no structure of the magnitude of the Hoover Dam had been constructed, many of the procedures used in construction of the dam were untried. Since concrete heats up and contracts as it cures, uneven cooling and contraction of the concrete posed a serious problem. The Bureau of Reclamation engineers calculated that if the dam were built in a single continuous pour, the concrete would have taken 125 years to cool to ambient temperature. The resulting stresses would have caused the dam to crack and crumble.[9] To solve this problem the dam was built in a series of interlocking trapezoidal columns. Each pour was no more than six inches deep. Because of this depth it is extremely unlikely that construction workers were accidentally buried alive in the concrete, contrary to popular folklore.[10] To further cool the concrete each form contained cooling coils of 1 inch (25.4 mm) thin-walled steel pipe. River water was circulated through these pipes to help dissipate the heat from the curing concrete. After this, chilled water from a refrigeration plant on the lower cofferdam was circulated through the coils to further cool the concrete. After each layer had sufficiently cooled the cooling coils were cut off and pressure grouted by pneumatic grout guns. The concrete is still curing and gaining in strength as time goes on.[11]

There is enough concrete in the dam to pave a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York


Yeah they told us some of that on the tour... pretty crazy! I think it's a sign that we're getting way old that we find this stuff interesting though. I'd have been all like, "What-ever!" on a High School field trip to Hoover Dam.

And I have to agree with you about casino hell. I felt the same way at my work Christmas party to the Borgata in AC in January. I always think of the Simpson's episode with Marge at the new casino in Springfield.

"I want to actually get something when I throw my money away. They haven't come up with a game that's fun enough for me to not feel sick when I lose money on it."

You should try the Stock Market then, even though you hate it. You don't actually ever lose money until you stop playing because there's always the chance your stock will go back up.


I did try the stock market. I owned MCI/Worldcom.

Yeah you do actually lose all of your money hehehe ;)


Ouch! No wonder you're so bitter... :)

I have a bunch of money in Natural Gas stocks and Solar companies. And a new company which has a patented process of recycling old tires. So investing in Green companies is nice because it makes you feel like you're contributing to something worthwhile... AND profiting! Hopefully.

But, you know, I also own a few speculative oil and coal stocks so that pretty much negates the good feelies. Oh well.


I loved my one and only trip to Vegas and Hoover Dam ten years ago. Your pics rock!



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