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Sunday, September 21, 2008


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Miss Luongo

That was the best fun-binge ever.

With Equus and a Woody Allen movie, it was hard to know what to run on about. And the music wasn't horrible. It gave me lots of time to settle in and think about passion and horses and love and dissatisfaction. And Pinkberry ... mmm.

You forgot the famous Tick Tock diner at 3am.


Oh, you mean the one where we got sick on cheeseburgers? I was trying to.

And I'm glad that you think that one of my favorite musicians isn't horrible. :)

Miss Luongo

Is it a personal affront to not like someone's taste in entertainment? If so, I'm offended. I'm years of offended. People have been insulting me my whole life, dang it.


No of course not. It's just impolite. That's why you hate it when people go ewww when you eat something they wouldn't eat. What's offensive is when someone flat out tells you that something you like sucks and you're an idiot for liking it. Like say you're in the know about Mad Max being a horribly inane movie and someone you know loves it. :)

Miss Luongo

I hate it when people say ew straight to my food choices because I'm putting that in my body. I'm ingesting it not just for pleasure but also for sustenance. It becomes me in a real, visceral way. Music, movies, TV ... they're just entertainment. It's a fine line I'm drawing, I know. Sure, you could argue that the art you love is a part of you. But only in the abstract.


Well you know, it takes all kinds as they say. To some people, the abstract is more important. Food is food... there's good food and bad food, but whatever. I used to be just as happy with a PB&J as anything else, so long as I wasn't hungry afterwards. Music also becomes a part of you in a real way, and can be quite visceral. To many people, the music they love describes who they feel themselves to be. For some people it's movies, and for others it's stand-up comics.

I think that if you really believe that what you love is a part of you, it won't offend you if someone else doesn't like it. I mean, it might irritate you, but you wouldn't be threatened anyway.


I like New York City a lot. I wouldn't ever live there but I love visiting. I grew up 20 minutes away and it was always easy to hop on the train to go in. But I have to say it was a lot easier to go to Philly to see a concert. And I'm not familiar with that city at all.


I always used to say that I'd never want to live in the City, but I don't think that's true any more. If I could find a decent paying job there, I'd probably give it a go. The main reason I've avoided going in for so long is that it's such a pain in the ass to get in, and then you get nickel and dimed for every little thing. But if I lived there... I could go to shows and bars and all kinds of cool stuff without having to pay for parking or worrying about whether to pay for a hotel or drive home all... um. Tired. Yeah, tired.

Miss Luongo

I think good paying jobs in New York went out with the 80s. Although, the Friends lived quite comfortably in big apartments in cute neighborhoods in the 90s. I want to live in sitcom NYC!


I always wondered how those guys paid rent considering none of them ever spent any time at work. Anyway, they were total lame-os. The only concert they ever went to while living in the city was freaking Hootie & They Blow. Fish. Or Something. Yeesh.


Yea Philly!

But I love New York. I love what Wolfe says about New York - that even though I've never spent more than five consecutive days in New York, I may know what it feels like to have lived there for five years.

Awesome pics. Good story. I do other things when I'm in New York....actually over the past seven years or so, all of my visits to New York have been comprised of nothing. Those have been the best trips ever.

BTW - I'm completely aware of the nothing with which I have filled this comment box.

Miss Luongo

We set out with vague plans and possibilities ... which usually leads to a lazy day blissful nothing. But all of the high fun just fell into place.


Thanks Sissy. But yeah like Julie says it was great because we didn't actually have any solid plans for the day except to see Dean & Britta. Everything else just lined up for us like magic... New York magic. That's really what's great about that place. There's an inexhaustible supply of fun things to do, so really you don't even need plans when you go. Be one with New York; Become like the humble pinball.

Blas Femur

Attempted to read this, but all was thwarted by alcohol... Just want to say, from the skim, Equus is one of the best plays I've ever read (never seen it performed in its entirety, but a small portion of it on PBS, and the movie, which I believe I loaned you in Chiemsee.).

Harry Potter's penis? Um, that's one of thee most perverse things I've ever read. Did I mention that I've read Equus?

Nice Ramones reference. Always appreciated.

NYC was a city that lived up to all my expectations. That said, my expectations were of the 70's/80's, not the 2000 some-odd year I visited. Good drugs and good times bouncing from taxi to taxi, liquor store to couch, office building to advertisement... Nostril halo to Twin Peaks (the towers were gone by this point in time). Ground zero for a zero. Bullets instead of mirrors... Synapse in the place of jet fuel. Abdul selling me booze in the middle of the morning. AMERICA! I love Simon and Garfunkel.


Sounds like NYC beat on you with a baseball bat. Well, there's always shock treatment, but I bet you'd like to be sedated for that, first.

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