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Thursday, September 11, 2008


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"...the day when the Administration snoozed at the helm..."

The day? Only one? What a relief. I was under an opposing impression. But your perspective leaves me feeling warm and safe inside the home of the brave where freedom rings and dirtballs run for president.

I will sleep well tonight.


Well, I bring tidings of abject horror this holiday season. Deck the halls with airplane fireballs.

Gaseous Clay

Actually, when I think of pigs I think of cops, first and foremost. When I think of Palin, I think of pork bellies, as a commodity, then I think of Sharon Tate's belly.

I won't share the details of what I did on the afternoon (for those of us in EU) of the original 09/11, but it was less than tasteful to the majority, of this I am certain. That's not to say that I did not recognize the tragedy. At that point I optimistically assumed that every cloud had a silver lining.

Wa aleikum salaam, Brother M.


That wasn't a silver lining. It was smoke and ash.

An honest misperception.


Chiemsee's reaction to 9/11? Ha. I'm sure it involved the Windjammer. Wish I'd been there with ya bud. Al Leikum Salaam.

And actually Sissy if you'll remember, that wasn't smoke and ash, it was Satan.

Miss Luongo

I just read some excerpts from Charlie Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin and it's clear that she can't blink.

Slick as a greased pig and crooked as its tail...


Shh! That's offensive to Sarah Palin!


Gee, do you think this is offensive to Gov. Palin?


I really don't know... if she's as soulless and evil as I fear, nothing will offend her; But she'll certainly feign some good outrage over it, if she ever reads it. God, I hope she does. Because it's awesome. Thanks Jim.


" was Satan..."

My bad.

You crude and ruthless people are making Sarah Palin cry! Big meanies. For shame!

Poor Sarah.


I don't think you can make the demonic forces that possess her shell of a political body cry. She'll be just fine.


It's so boring here tonight...


Oh, go schadenfreud or something.

Kelley Thomas

I remember 9/11 at Chiemsee very well and yes it was centered around the Windjammer. Then when the fences started going up and the bar was still closed our "German friends" took pity on us and passed racks of beer over the fence by the Waldheim and I think we all stayed in our PJ's for days !


I think that everybody stayed in their pajamas for days. In fact I never really took mine off, until the Obaminator unloaded the future on McCain's sorry ass.

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