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Monday, September 29, 2008


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I love the word monger.


Monger monger monger. Fishmonger gossipmonger warmonger ironmonger scandalmonger blogmonger.


Trend monger.

Sorry about your stocks. I hate the stock market. I'm such a commie.


Hey thanks for that... it ain't over, either. These are dark times. If you really feel like a Commie, well, you might feel more at home soon in The United Socialist States of America than you did in the Capitalist days, which are now over.

Bittersweet. So bittersweet.

Miss Luongo

I like the word Obama. Oh-BA-Ma! Barack with a trilled "r" from a drunk redneck is also word fun. Scary fun.


the word Obama isn't as scary as Alabama, to me anyway... ALAH-BAMA - think about it. ;)


Ha! I mean seriously, come on American people. They're cuttin' our heads off down there in ALLAHbama.

Miss Luongo

Definitely scarier than McCain's Beach Boys and bomb-bomb-bomb bomb-bomb Iran.

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