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Friday, October 24, 2008


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three guesses

Sure, sure. I respect, y'know- people voicing their opinions and all, even as loudly and as often as you do, but c'mon...(whispers)you're not really gonna vote for the black guy, are ya?


It's not so much that I'm going to vote for the black guy, it's more that I'm voting against the senile douchebag white guy and his racist fear mongering creationist sidekick.


If you're uncomfortable about it, just tell yourself you're voting for his white half.



Wow, that's pretty bad. I think the worst is not realizing that Sarah Palin is the VP for McCain, not Obama.

I'm not voting for Obama's black half or his white half. I'm voting for him because he's the only adult running.


Well I was talking to three guesses...

just say "yes, yes they are" you f*cking loon!


Oh, just ignore three guesses. He thinks he's soooo above it all.

I totally just saw that YouTube over on facebook! Maybe it was you that posted it over there... probably.

She can't say "yes, yes they are" because the only people who still like her at this point are the abortion clinic bombers. God I hate her.

Miss Luongo

The woman at the bar on Friday night who called Barama the n-word is probably wishing our drunk friend didn't have such good hearing and that he also didn't have any qualms about loudly ranting at her.


Was the woman dragged from the establishment and beaten in the street? That would have been awesome. I would have called her some n-words like numskull, nincompoop, nitwit, neanderthal...

did you mean to type Barama? My son calls him Rock Obama hahaha ;)


No he really didn't have any qualms at all... God bless him.

No, the woman wasn't, but some other guys out in the parking lot almost dragged us around and beat us. To be fair, I don't know if they were angry at him for being too loudly pro-Obama, or if they were just mad that he couldn't hear whoever he was on his cellphone with due to the volume of our friend's ranting. Probably a little bit of both.


This is why I never leave the house.

Miss Luongo

Yeah, I like Barama. Although, Rock Obama is fun.

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