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Thursday, October 16, 2008


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I'm happy I can provide you and Julie with stuff for topics. And Michael you did a great job expanding on it. What would we do without ignorant hate-mongers? I'd probably feel a little more at ease and proud of my country.


Thanks Gary... you tend to find all the best stuff out there, so it's natural that I want to pilfer it! I just, I just had to. That video totally blew my mind, and writing that post actually didn't help. I'm still sort of obsessing over it.

I still have pride in my coutnry, but it's more a pride based on it's founding principles and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. I can't think of anything we've done though since going to the moon that makes me feel much in the way of a more up-to-date pride.


Oh yeah - no one has mentioned my favorite part - when they ask the "European socialist" guy if he thinks they should die and he says "everyone dies don't they?" Pretty messed up.


Yeah, I'd wanted to comment on that, but I just didn't know what to say. I think his response has more to do with the fact that he, like most of those people, wasn't used to actually being asked to explain his beliefs, and that was the best answer he could come up with. None of the people questioned in that video, when asked to explain whatever nonsense they were just spouting, were able to come up with anything like a real response.

Miss Luongo

To be fair, the guy with the camera was baiting that fellow in the sunglasses. Should they die? I mean, that's a little extreme. I liked that he answered 'everyone dies.' Although, his look chilled me. Gah.


I think he had been chanting that someone should die, which is why the cameraman asked him if he really believed that "they" should die. He wasn't actually caught on camera saying that someone should die, but from the context it seems apparent that he had been before cameraman trained his camera on him. I don't think that cameraguy just asked him that out of the blue. Most people, if they're just walking along, and someone comes up to them with a camera and asks if you believe that someone should die.... well I think if you hadn't been chanting death to someone, you'd be like, "uh, what? No man, I don't want anybody to die." Clearly by his response, he was caught with his leg in the air, so to speak.

Dennis Hopper

Yeah... but - what about the Obama line, man?


What about the Obama line?

Miss Luongo

You're right. That guy was yelling "die."

And the Obama line was inciting those McCain supporters. They asked about the rape kit. Very caustic. Akin to "die commie faggots." Jeez.


{sarcasm}Yes, asking actual questions based on the actual actions by their politicians of choice is always baseless and inciting from a Republican's point of view. "Die commie faggotts" by comparison is merely good sense.{/sarcasm}

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