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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


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I couldn't fucking agree with you more.
I am so proud of my state. I am so proud of this country. I can't remember feeling this way. Ever.


I know... I feel like I want to burst into song or some crap, but I know I'll regret that later, so I won't. Anyway, it's premature. I am so amazed that this has happened, but I'm still skeptical as to how far the goodness will go.

First, I hope Obama isn't just another politician, and intends to make good on his promises and open up a can of whoop ass on the last 8 years of American policy.

Second, with all of the roadblocks that are set up for him, I hope he can carry his will and the will of the people who voted for him over them. It's going to be hard, and there are still a lot of special interests that believe they have the power to make him fail.

And lastly, if and when he does make it over those roadblocks, I really really really hope that those special interests don't murder him for it.


"In a nation that was founded on genocide and then built on the backs of slaves, it was an unexpected moment, shocking in its simplicity: Barack Obama, a good man, a black man, said he would bring change to Washington, and the majority of the country liked that idea." - Michael Moore.

Yeah I know he's a dick but I liked that line.

Now if people would just shut up about socialism - like it's the new dirty word in place of "liberal" - that would be cool. Obama ain't no liberal or socialist. He ain't Jesus either. But I think he's someone most people can be proud of and not have to cringe every time you see him on TV. And if he isn't for some, well they'll now know a little of how half the country felt since 2000.


I have a story to tell you that deflated me this morning, around 10:00 am...

First, a little back-story: I have had the BIGGEST mouth at my place of employment about being an Obama supporter.
So, naturally, I was feeling, as well as ecstatic, quite smug, and was saying things like "Good morning. And what a BEAUTIFUL morning it is, isn't it?!" to the John McCain supports as they filed into the office this morning.
Until, we'll call her Burtha, walked in. I smiled, said "GOOD MORNING BURTHA, BEAUTIFUL DAY ISN'T IT?!"

Her reply "Yeah, if you're a nigger."

My jaw dropped. I fell down into my chair and my eyes swelled up with tears. It took a few seconds before I could get out:

"Don't say shit like that. It's racially slandering and highly inappropriate."

I know I know, you're thinking "That's it?! That's all you said?!"

Well, yes Michael, typically my response would have been much harsher, and included the word 'fuck' at least twice.

But not only was I at work, but I was completely caught off guard.
People really still talk like that?
People really still THINK like that?

It brought me back to reality. We, as a people, have a long way to go. I'm glad he will be the one leading us, at least for the next four years.


P.S. You need to take the Discouragement Kitten link off of your side border thingy. I got excited for a second only to be let down YET AGAIN today.


Gary, Michael Moore IS a dick but that also IS a great line. He can shut up and stop making documentaries now while he's ahead.

I was at the gym today, and of course Obama was all over the 12 TVs there. On one of them he came out and waved to whomever he was about to speak to, and I actually had to fight the urge to jump, shout his name, and wave back to the TV. I was on the treadmill! Such is the power of a great man, and my joy at looking forward to watching him on the TV rather than monkey poop. He may not be Jesus, but you know, next to monkey poop he looks damn sexy.


KC, That's a terrible story, but not unexpected... you know, here in PA you do get inklings of that undercurrent of racism from time to time, and it's always jarring and scary. A large core of those Republican voters are only Republicans because the Bushes and the McCains and the Palins have historically done a very good job of appealing to their prejudices and fears, which are born of ignorance and stupidity, and so it's only natural that the now disenfranchised are going to be racist dicks about it.

That being said, I actually think that your response was quite perfect. I don't feel that swearing at those people really accomplishes anything. A calm, rational, curse-free discourse will disarm the ignorant %99 of the time. Swearing at them only convinces them that they have something to fight for.

Oh, and DK is now gone... sorry about that. Been a while since I've done any housecleaning.


Colbert did a great thing about fear last night... in The Word



Michael, you were on a treadmill?????

Is Raj aware of this????


Dur, yeah! We're gym buddies!

Miss Luongo

Yeah, Michael's fit and trim now. Meanwhile, I'm still watching everything jiggle and shake. Grr. I guess that means I'm a better gym buddy.


"...watching everything jiggle and shake."

post video

Gym Cam


That was horrible


You asked for it.


I did not ask to hear a Green Day song.


I am starting to see that my visit up there is long overdue.


I kept watching that damn thing thinking that it was going to show something else. Damn you, Michael.

Fit and trim, eh? We'll see about that. We still need to arm wrestle.

I will lose of course, you are much larger but it is the butch lesbian in me that must try.


Hey, I didn't post that video. That was Miss Luongo.

And I don't arm wrestle. It's the hater of competition in sports in me.

Miss Luongo

I didn't post that. It was Gym Cam. Duh.

I'll arm wrestle. No, wait, I have a bum shoulder. Some days it's two bum shoulders. How about a thumb wrestling match?

I enjoy competition. My mother cultivated it in us. Everything was a race or a contest. I won everything I ever entered in school. Beat the pants off of those kids whose parents told them it wasn't who won or lost it was how they played the game.

Once I beat all of the other girls in the softball throw, a competition I was not suited to win, by 1.) practicing publicly with a wussy overhand throw 2.) positioning myself to go last in the line-up during the real contest and 3.) throwing underhand to win! Because strategy is always part of the game.


Is Machiavelli your tutor?

Miss Luongo



Alice? Alice?



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