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Saturday, November 08, 2008


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Miss Luongo

The Iranian government!? Oh, brother. What a mess.

Being an Army Chaplain is the ultimate in brainwashing. I wonder if he buys lots of infomercial products and timeshares?


Well, he's a man of God, and he wears military fatigues. That's enough for me to silently judge him by.

Oliver Stone


Tom Cruise

Well, quietly. Dur.


Why read on when it is better to be half informed?

"War is an incredibly fantastic experience if one lives through it. I wonder, however, it any one of us actually live through it. I wonder if one doesn't die a little when a friend is blown up in a car bomb. I wonder if one doesn't die a little when an innocent fellow in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and going in the wrong direction is shot and killed. I wonder if done doesn't die a little when one loses his or her moral bearing. I wonder if one doesn't die a little when a sick soldier cuts off the head and paws of a child's pet. I wonder if one doesn't die a little when a mother is sitting on her front steps weeping and asking why U. S. soldier's hate pets."


Frank Wismer? Well, it doesn't say all that in the article, and that's all I had to go by. If you have more to say, why wasn't it in the article and why call me half-informed? Especially when, in the article, he/you thought it would have been a huge mistake to pull out of Iraq.

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