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Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Abbas Raza

Hey, thanks for the compliment!

Thought you might enjoy this:




That was an awesome post! I can't believe you guys love R. Kelly too. Have you watched the 2nd installment on DVD yet? I think that R. Kelly became aware of the things people were saying about him, and decided to continue the series with more of his tongue in his cheek, sadly. It's still very much a roller coaster ride in Dr. R.K. Seuss's R&B funpark, but he lost some of that un-self-awareness that made the first one so new and exciting.

Thanks for stopping by!


Can Ben Stein just walk off a cliff already? That guy has proven himself to be one of the biggest dickbags going these days. Holy crap I can't stand his condescending, droning a-hole voice. He's just so wrong.

BUT in his defense (even though I truly cannot stand him):

"Next, here’s a lesson I learned in a 12-step program and should have learned better: avoid contempt prior to investigation. When the financial stock meltdown started, I was on a television show with Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, who warned that Merrill Lynch could be in very bad shape. I glibly said that I thought that its problems were limited and that the stock was a buy. Mr. Schiff was completely right and I was wrong. I had no idea that Mother Merrill, where I have been a happy stockholder for years, had been turned into a such a wild house of high-stakes gambling. I apologize to Mr. Schiff for my dismissal of his views, which turned out to be far superior to mine in this area. (I could do without his acolytes sending me endless hate mail, though.)"

That treadmill thing is truly amazing - as Frank Zappa might say "from the country that brought you the Wacky Wall Walker!"


Huh, who knew 'ol Ben had it in him to be magnanimous in defeat? Okay, I now respect him a little bit.

I know, that treadmill is amazing. It's like someone invented it and said: "BEHOLD! The American dream! The ultimate pinnacle in retarded consumer bait!"

My friend Scott and I used to laugh about that Water">">Water Joe™ stuff, wondering how long it would be before they offered Caffeine-Free Water Joe™.


The ant city is frickin' cool.

I think this post has you caught up for at least a few weeks. ;)


I know, right? 3 Quarks Daily is the coolest.

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