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Thursday, January 01, 2009


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Can you build an addition on to my house too?

I really like V8 Plus Fiber. That shit is awesome. HAHAHAHA yeah it is.


btw - your link to this on Facebook is not good...

MamaPeg is Watching Out For You

I think this is the first time I've scommented over here, but I've been lurking for a long time. I like that you are looking forward instead of resolving.
Oh, I agree with you about Season 5. It can't start soon enough!
Keep on rocking!


A friend is building the addition real cheap for me... it's a very small addition. A nice reading room. With a book shelf. That opens into a closet. With a pole. That will slide you down to my Bat Cave.

Thanks G, I changed the link. I didn't know that V8 made a fiber version... yummy, I'll need to look into that.

Hi MamaPeg! You're welcome any time of course. Many many years ago, My New Year's resolution was to never make any more resolutions about anything. Resolutions are a recipe for disaster and failure. People aren't meant to live up to that kind of pressure. I quit smoking by never telling anybody that I was going to quit smoking. Then when I did it people were like, can I bum a smoke? And I was all like, nah.

Miss Luongo

You were like, "no, I'm never giving you a cigarette again you dirty dirty smoker."

Rah! Concerts!

You forgot the part about the $8 cup of beer.


I meant to forget, thanksalot.

Matt Lesoine

I've bought pitchers for less than $8.


I said idonwannatalkaboutit.

Miss Luongo

I bet a They Might Be Giants show would be fun...esp. a rent party at Le Poisson Rouge in NY.


I saw them at ESU back in the day. They were good. Of course that was 15 years ago... Did you go to that show Michael? I remember David Shappert was in my journalism class and he was going to interview them and he wanted to ask them if their lyrics had any meaning or if it was all just nonsense and I was outraged!! OK not really but I felt that Scotty G should have interviewed them, since he was a huge fan of their at the time.


Actually, I was! It's funny, I'll talk to someone from Stroudsburg every once in a while and that concert often seems to come up. It's amazing how many people were at that show. Sort of like Stroudburg's very own Magnolia...

Miss Luongo

As long as you don't ask TMBG if they sing like Olive Oyl on purpose, you're fine.

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