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Sunday, January 18, 2009


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It's funny that you posted about this. I was listening to the Hour Of Slack recently and they were talking about this movie: - God's Cartoonist
The comic crusade of Jack T. Chick.

I'm trying to download it.


I want to see that movie. Netflix doesn't have it yet though.

Miss Luongo

In 1841 dragons were renamed dinosaurs? Did god approve that change?

Christianity is confusing. It hard to follow the thread of Chick's stories. But, still, I know he's very afraid for me and is trying to save me from the Lincoln Memorial of God's judgment. So, you know, I appreciate the effort ... especially when he adapts the message for particular audiences. How thoughtful and not racist at all.


Nope, Pope Gregory XVI must have. I assume the reasoning must have been that once dinosaur bones were discovered dating back millions of years, it was a way to say "Nuh-uh, they used to call dinosaurs 'Dragons' back in the day, and we know that people used to fight dragons based on the historical accounts we have thanks to the Grimm Brothers." (Catholics like calling mythological and fairy tale texts "historical")


I dl'ed the movie. Haven't viewed it yet.


just watched it - it's ok if you're really interested in the subject. I enjoyed seeing Ivan Stang and Hal Robins, only because I'm familiar with them from the COSG.


I don't know what COSG is... Are they pro or anti-Fundi?


Sorry - Church Of The SubGenius. I forgot the T.


Oh, Neo-Fundi then. :)

Eric Wakeling

I'm a Christian and I'm just begging that you don't let these tracts speak for all of us. They are horrible. There are some normal Christians out there. It's all about the love and grace of Jesus - not these weird scary comics.


I understand that there are different kinds of Christians out there, really I do. I was raised in a Baptist church and I get it. But I'm sorry to say, as near as I can tell, many of Chick's assumptions ARE in fact based on Biblical scripture. He may be editorializing for dramatic and/or shock effect, but he's quoting scripture. Many Christians may be a lot less bigoted and ignorant than he is, but what he's saying is after all the natural reductio ad absurdum of Christian Biblical belief.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. When I bash Fundies like Chick, I'm only bashing Fundies like Chick. If I call them Christians while doing so, it's because they call themselves Christians. I will try to be more careful in the future however and put the fun back into Fundies.


In my opinion if you THINK you're a christian and you disagree with Chick, you're just proving his point and you're going to HELL. You're not a REAL christian like Chick and you're screwed with your liberal (aka satanic) christian beliefs. Sorry, but I'll see you in hell. Thank God.


Yeah that's the crux of all religion... Chick thinks his version is correct, Osama bin Laden thinks his version is correct, Jerry Fatty Fart-Head Falwell thinks his version is correct, the Dalai Llama thinks he's got it all figgered out... and on and on. SO, either one of them, quite randomly, has got it right, or none of them have. I hope they have all the different denominations separated in Hell, or even the eternal flame will get ruined by these jerks fighting all over the place.

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