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Monday, February 23, 2009


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I made you post this.


I made you think it was your idea.

Miss Luongo

How is the quick clip of bikini-girls with water running down their bodies a subliminal message? I mean, it seems like a clip from one of those tacky reality shows.


Ummmm... seem like you're really having a very s..l..o..w day and need to put something up here. Reality!@!! Reallity!!!!! Please... not on Fox or hardly anywhere else. (RANT)


@ Miss Luongo; Did you not see where it says 'Don't Deny' and 'Shut Up + Watch'? Because if not, you've been sublimated! Damn, that's a side effect of posting these YouTubes that I did not foresee. You need to watch it until you see it in order to break the mind control you are now under.

@Dasd(Dasd?) I don't think posting about some subliminal mind control that a network is trying to foist on their already moronic viewers is indicative of a slow day... I find it quite alarming and in need of being disseminated. CLEARLY tv is not reality, but they want people to think it is, and that's too Orwellian to let slide.

Miss Luongo

I have bad eyes.

Did you ever see the word sex airbrushed into the flesh of model's skin in women's magazines? We used to pick them out in my advertising ethics class. Take that Tyler Durden. I'm lovin' it:


I do remember those... I remember one in particular where they were selling a little girl's doll, and the slogan was 'Love, American Style'. And airbrushed onto the little doll's arm was the word sex. Freaky.

The link you posted is freaky, but not surprising. McDonalds, along with Disney, were once involved in a plan to build a satellite with a giant laser pointer that would reflect their logos off of the moon. I'm not making this up; I'll see if I can find a reference somewhere but it was a long while back.

I really thought though, that subliminal advertising went out in the 80's along with Satanism and backwards masking. Good to know the ad execs haven't really changed.


advertising ethics class

such a thing exists? the nonsense they allow in college I swear.


Are you guys sitting next to each other when you write these posts? So cute...

my favorite subliminal ad was always the land-o-lakes butter package, the one you could fold in half and her knees became her boobs. ever seen that? maybe that isn't an ad so much...




I'M lovin it.

Miss Luongo

We're not sitting next to each other. The dog's next to me.

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