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Saturday, February 14, 2009


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I wish I had known you were in the market for a dog. I would have given you mine. Looks almost the same. damn


Not sure I want a dog that someone's trying to unload after owning him for years... what's wrong with him? ;)

Anyway, it wasn't exactly a plan to get a dog when we did. We were thinking about it and decided to check out the SPCA just to see what they had. A friend of mine volunteered there and so we figured it'd be a good place to get a feel for whether or not we were ready for a dog. Then we saw Mia, who apparently used black dog magic on us because the next thing I remember is being at home with a new dog. Filthy little satanic mind-control dog.


She is nasty to my boys. Other than that she's a sweetheart.


here's some pics

first is the Demon from hell - but look how cute she was as a baby. That's was the reason we rescued her. She looks so sad. Good dog, just is retarded with kids. I can't catch her if she wants to get away from me, but my 13 month old can corner her in any room. I don't get it.

and here is the sweetest and gentlest dog I've ever known. Poco in 1977. She was my sister's dog. She greeted me every day after school from kindergarten until I was a senior in high school. I still miss her.


Wow, she really has that aggressive wedge-shaped dog head. Cute though, for sure. If she's nasty to your boys, I hope you smack the shit out of her... remember that story about Gary Sinese's dog in the Green Mile? Gotta keep a lid on that.


I've read too many stories about dogs killing babies and kids. I've wanted to give her to someone for 3 three years now, but Stacy won't hear it. The first day Owen came home Lilly growled at him and my new found paternal instinct made me feel like killing that dog. Of course Owen and Aidan both love her even though she's rarely nice to them. Aidan wouldn't remember it if she were to "go live on a farm in the country" but Owen probably would be bummed about it. I've asked him and of course he says he'd be sad if we gave her away. She hasn't bitten anyone (yet) - but she's so retarded that it pisses me off and worries me still. For instance - Aidan will waddle after her and follow her into a room and her fur will go up and she'll try to hide from him (like under my chair), instead of just leaving the room - which is what she'd do in any other case. I think she thinks babies are some sort of weird animal that she'd love to eat, but knows she can't because the pack leader (me) will kill her if she does. She's so flipped out by Aidan that her eyes bug out and it's like she's almost afraid of him. And of course he's totally fascinated by her and follows her around. Even if she's on the bed (which Aidan is far too little to even come close to getting on) she'll get all flipped out when he goes in to see her - and she'll jump off the bed and cower in a corner, growling low with her back fur raised. She's getting better with Owen since he's bigger and seems more like a person, but she's still not that comfortable with him yet.
I love her, but I hate her too. Should have gotten a damn golden retriever.


Yikes, that is scary shit. Maybe you should call the dog whisperer or someone.

Mia is the exact opposite; she is afraid of children, especially little blond girls. She doesn't growl or anything though; she just slinks away and hides in the deepest darkest corner she can find, which I totally understand because children freak me out, too. If the kid is around long enough though, she will get used to them and get more friendly, so that's good. I think she must have been habitually tortured by some crazed 6 year old blond girl in her old life.


you should have gotten a nikon

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