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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Miss Luongo

Taking a picture with your guitar hero joystick and pretending you're a rock god is like posing with a fake stethoscope and pretending you're a doctor. What I mean is it's for children and drunk Halloweeners. Excuse me now. I'm going to get my old Tetris game out and pretend I'm an architect.


Tetris is awesome. And so is Guitar Hero. I can't believe you would say that about that game. It is awesome. More awesome than you, George Washington, and Cleveland, all rolled together in a big ball of lame.

Ok, George was pretty bad ass.


KC, you've seen this, right? GW is the baddest ass that ever assed.

Tetris is cool, no doubt, and I get that Guitar Hero is rather Tetris-like and that people like it and all. It's just that somehow, the very idea of spending all that time learning how to play a guitar-shaped joystick seems dirty. I always think, "Or, you could learn to play an actual guitar, and maybe be in a real band someday."

But whatever, I'm a total video game snob. I play video backgammon and rummy squares instead, you know, the old fashioned video games. :)


wow. no, I have never seen that. was your favorite part the boitard?

I know how you like that shit.

I play guitar, and I STILL love Guitar Hero.


It's out or they're coming out with a guitar and software that does guitar hero-ish things but you actually play a real guitar and you hit the right notes - that will be cool. It can helpt you learn how to play. I want that.

I prefer the term infranets.

That GW video might be the best thing that's ever been on the internet.


What's a boitard? Is that like a leotard? I do like leotards, but I didn't see one in the video.

If they come out with a real guitar Guitar Hero, I will find that acceptable I think.

Washington will still destroy you on Guitar Hero III, Legends of Rock though. And I see that you can download Pixies songs to play too. Washington will Debase you.


you don't remember??? Christy made the half gay man half horse fetish pictures...


Oh right! Boy-taurs... now I get it. In this case, it was a Washing-taur.


And the sexy beast had you as wet as October, didn't he?!
(yes, still watching Rome)


How much whiter are you going to get?


Well, as white as pigment allows, I guess.


good one, Michael.



way to take a perfectly funny joke and turn it into something LAME. I am very disappointed in you.


I'm not funny. I'm a deflecti-con.

See? Transformers humor. Not funny.




Fyi, that Guitar Hero player is me. I only posted that photo on a few fan forums, but it has broken loose from there and now runs rampant around the interwebs (thats right, I said it).
As far as photos go, I guess it's a pretty good one because it's got some legs. You are now officially the 78th website that I've found to use that image.
I can't really argue with you that Guitar Hero probably doesn't belong in the Hall on Fame. Especially when the space used for that game should rightfully be taken up by groundbreaking artists like you have mentioned.
What I can say is that these games (Rock Band included) do more to promote interest in rock & roll than anything else out there right now. Kids are actively listening to music that they would never have before and interest in playing real guitar has risen dramatically in the past couple of years most likely due to games like these. They are not meant to replace really playing an instrument (which I do), they are merely games designed to be fun.
Rock on,


Hey BriGuy, out of curiosity, do you comment everywhere you find your picture? I totally sympathize... that must be annoying to find you've become an interwebs meme! Well, if you want I'll take the picture down, of course.

Anyway, I see your point; it's just that in my experience Guitar Hero strikes me as a moneygrubbing way for the purveyors of false experience to waste more of people's time. Far be it for me to judge, really, as I could be spending time writing an actual book instead of tapping away on the blog, but I can't help how I feel about it. Maybe it'll also take the sting away for you to realize that I'm an old crank who doesn't really approve of the kids and their mindless video games in general, anyway.

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