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Saturday, March 07, 2009


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I think the middle of the country is going to turn into a kind of Mad Max type wasteland. Of course the big cities will be like Escape From New York.

Cool trees.


If everybody in Mad Max were near-retarded fat people, then I'd say the mid-US is already there...


"...Roman style overeating..."

I've been watching the show "Rome" for the past week. They sure do eat a lot. Especially the higher up in the army. I love that you have your water mark/copyright on the Indianapolis photograph. Very necessary.


I loved 'Rome'! Really well done.

I know, I know. That watermark thing is going to get me picked on... but I've been advised to do it anyway; I'm going to start showing my pictures around and they say even talentless amateurs need to protect their junk, just in case so... all part of the fun.

Besides, I might be the first person who ever bothered to photograph the very blah downtown Indianapolis, so you know, had to own it.

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