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Friday, May 14, 2010


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Miss Luongo

Iguana puppy.

You look lonely in that picture. You want me to fly down for the end of the week?


As I can see from the photos, it's beautiful down there!


You mean, Gitmo puppy! Yes, come on down please.

I'm confused, AnaVar. You look like spam for steroids, but your comments indicate that you actually read the blog. What the heck, are spambots becoming artificially intelligent?


Well if I have a site about medicines (my boyfriend is bodybuilder) doesn't mean I'm a spammer - I have to fight with them too! :) Working all day in front of computer gives you a lot of opportunities to check different themes and blogs. I'm thinking of visiting Cuba, so that's how I found your blog. My friend's husband is in navy too, maybe you've met! Wish you a nice day! Ana V.


Whew, I'm glad you're not spam. Always nice to know someone is actually reading. Spam gets depressing. ;)

I'm not actually in the Navy, I just travel around a lot for work which is as a Computer exam proctor. We just ran a class down at Gitmo for some of their IT guys and I got to spend some time there. Check back in the next week or so and I'll have some more pictures and junk posted.


Great! Now I really have to bookmark your blog!

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