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Monday, August 02, 2010


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That's really cool. It was probably far easier to do a google search than actually dig up a real visa.

Why do you keep mentioning roman numerals? I don't see any. Just sayin'...


argh, damn it. I didn't mean roman numerals. I meant Arabic numerals. I kept getting confused because I meant to distinguish between the Arabic writing and the english, but saying something is plainly readable in Arabic numerals is confusing.

Miss Luongo

Is it a cameo or an extra?


This is just outright cool! I'm thinking of posting this on facebook - I have a number of friends who either work in the film industry or know others who do... congrats! hugs - Rachel


In the Peter Jackson film? Don't know yet, negotiations are pending. It started out as an extra during an immigration scene but with all this attention it is receiving from its brief yet memorable role, we might be able to step it up to a speaking part.

Post it Rachel!

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