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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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Ms. Luongo

Krampus is way more fun than running with the bulls. Zero percent chance of getting gored by a bull or stampeded by Hemingway fans. And that tomato fest is for people who went to Alterna-palooza for the mud pits.


Well I haven't actually been to Pamplona for that, though Scott has been to that and Krampus so maybe someday we can get an official ruling on it.

I agree that Krampus is probably more fun because it's weirder and also, according to hipster douchebag scaling, because it's less well known. However I imagine the risk of being gored by a bull is probably pretty exhilarating, and I'm not against having a go at it one day.

Ms. Luongo

We could run from bulls in Mexico while we get drunk on moonshine for a week and run in terror for hours each day.


They're mean to those bulls! I was on board at first but after reading about how they terrorize those poor bulls... well it still sounds pretty fun.

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