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Sunday, January 09, 2011


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How is it this is making me nostalgic? That's ridiculous, I didn't enjoy myself nearly enough at the time to warrant these phantom yearnings now.


Well, you were born in Cologne, after all. Of course Cologne isn't Bavaria, which explains why you moved to Britain when you were 18. If you had been born in Berchtesgaden, you'd never have left.


If you really were clever, Anton, you would bring me a virgin from Italy and I wouldn't have to go...


Well you can't appreciate life until you've fucked death in the spleen, so I hardly think a Virgin will do you any good.


That'd be death you wanna be fucking, and in the gall bladder.

This misunderstanding proves you've been doing life all wrong.



It's not my fault you're not famous enough to have an accurate findable quotes page on google. Besides, spleen, gallbladder, they're practically the same thing. At least I knew it was death you found so sexy.

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