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Sunday, June 12, 2011


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Ms. Luongo

So, do you think the architect was hoping the compound would look like alien eyes or cats eyes sunglasses?


Actually the tour guide asked us that when we were standing by the sign. He asked "Does the design remind any of you of anything?" and I blurted out "The Enterprise!" Because that seems like a good answer to that kind of question when it comes to spaceport design. And I sort of thought it looked like the Enterprise.

Everyone pretty much ignored me and eventually, after a pause, the guide said it was designed to look like an eye, from high above. That was embarrassing.

Buck Arunachalam

This is one of the most unique tours I've ever seen! I mean, you can have a tour in a hotel or in historical landmarks, but in a construction site? Wow! I would love to pay a visit there, too!


Yeah it was pretty sweet. A tour of a construction site can be just as awesome as a museum tour or it's ilk; it only depends on the interest level in what's being built! I would also love to visit the construction site of a space port on the moon, for example. ;)

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