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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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Interesting read, thanks. You are scary smart. Except: There's only one L in barrel.



Ms. Luongo

I want to take a leaf of faith when I'm at the age of maturity so I can turn my brain chemicals into love feelings and use my words to represent ideas. (I don't know what I mean either.)

Hey, you forgot to say that people can be good without the threat of Hell Fire. I guess there wasn't time. Plus, it may have brought out your condescending side. Wait, is it virtuous to call people condescending?



I don't usually trot that kind of stuff out unless someone makes a point of it. Plus, there was so much other great material to work with.

I don't mind being condescending... some people deserve condescension. Many people. Sometimes, I deserve it too.

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